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5 Insane Reasons to Love Indoor Cycling

5 Insane Reasons to Love Indoor Cycling

Exercise, or extra fries? If the thought of another boring gym session has you choosing the latter, it might not mean you’re just “lazy” like you keep telling yourself,  it might just mean you’re feeling a little uninspired, and understandably so! If nothing sounds fun about standing in a room full of sweaty people, swinging a dumbell lifelessly back and forth while crossing your fingers that a muscle shows up soon, you’re really not alone. 

It might be time to try something different. You’ve heard about spinning, indoor cycling, or whatever your friends have called it, but you just assumed it would be another dull workout but this time, in a dark room, too. Ummm no thanks.

But….what if it was nothing like that? What if it was the party you never knew you were missing all this time. What if it could finally make you inspired enough to actually WANT to workout rather than skip it and order pizza instead? What if it was the best thing you could do for yourself?!

Here are 5 reasons to love spinning that you probably didn’t know about….that just might get you out of the gym and into the studio!

1) Motivation isn’t even a question

Sick of feeling so much DREAD over your workout? Would you liken it to a chore like dishes, or cleaning out the cat box? Just get er done. Yikes. With a good spin class, everyone is hype. Everyone is excited and the music is pulsing and the lights are flashing and you can just get lost in it. Never a dull moment here. The community around you won’t leave you behind.

2) You’re Going to Incinerate Calories

Your lifeless, rushed, sad gym workout probably isn’t even burning that many calories, since you’re not inspired to put your all into it. But with indoor cycling, just like we stated above, its like a party! Your fellow spinners are doing it, why can’t you? Feel the music get lost in it and before you know it, you’ll have burned upwards of 500 calories in an hour long session! 

3) It doesn’t matter if you really, really aren’t “good at it” yet.

Remember that yoga or cardio class, where you were off the beat one step behind, red as a tomato because you just….couldn’t do it like the people who had been there longer? So you sulked home, embarrassed, and vowed never again. With spin, for one, its dark. Secondly, you go at YOUR pace, whatever feels good to YOU. You’re just riding, and no one can really see you, and your workout is your own. Want to peddle a little slower because you’re not feeling as strong today? Perfectly OK! 

4) Love music? Love concerts? Great, we’ve got that vibe.

What’s more fun than just getting LOST in your favorite music, becoming one with the beat, and letting it carry you away. What a feeling! If concerts are your jam and you blast your music everywhere else too, this is the workout for you. Look for an instructor who shares your vibe and music taste, and you can party the entire workout. Music is a proven motivator during a workout. No better way to get lost in it than to spin to it!

5) Cardio is dull, and can make you softer. Spin is a full body workout!

Hours on the dreadmill can actually make you less toned. Yikes. In order to see some muscle tone, you have to work against some resistance. You’re legs are obviously going to be working hard, but your core is too! Some classes even incorporate hand weights to make sure your arms are sticking with the program as well. An hour of indoor cycling doesn’t even compare to an hour of boring elliptical when it comes to the challenge your muscles need to tone up.

Next time you’re feeling like skipping the gym (for the ummm 5th time this week) we give you permission to go ahead and yes, skip it. Come join us for a class at the spin studio instead! We promise, you won’t even know that this is supposed to be exercise. It’s just a big party with all your friends and the some pretty cool instructors that will keep you hyped up. Come learn to love it for these 5 reasons and more! Let us know what YOU love most about spin.