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5 Reasons Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

5 Reasons Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

February is the month of love, right? Valentine’s day probably consisted of dinner, and maybe some wine with your hunny.

Now its time to hit the gym or the spin studio, and burn that off, but you don’t have to do it alone. You can carry on date night right into your next workout. (and it’s just as fun, we promise!)

Here are 5 reasons to combine sweat sessions with the special person in your life…

1) Teamwork makes the dream work

We know, its cliched, but that’s because its true! Nothing is less fun than dragging yourself to the gym or the studio when you really, really would rather order pizza and watch Netflix. If your partner is already doing just that, well, it might be down right impossible!

But when the urge to Netflix hits and your partner is waiting for you in sneakers with a shake in hand, its much harder to say no. The same applies in reverse. Work as a team to motivate each other on those days when you just don’t feel like it, and see both of your results skyrocket.

2) Increase your confidence

It’s about more than physical appearance, crushing a hard workout can leave you feeling on top of the world! If you can make it through that, well you can make it through ANYTHING. That bleeds over into your work life, home life, conquering chores, and makes you an overall more confident person.

Confidence is attractive. When you’re crushing challenges together and pushing each other to new levels you didn’t think were possible, your confidence can skyrocket and make you even more crazy attracted to each other. You may think you look like a sweaty mess, but to your partner, you look like you’re a warrior ready to slay dragons! (or, you know, just carry ALL the groceries into the house in one trip)

3) You’re guaranteed time together

Careers, kids, grocery shopping, oh my! Life gets busy, and oftentimes date nights fall by the wayside. But that 6 PM spin class? Its already on the books, and you can’t really put it off because it won’t wait for you….so its a date! You’ll both arrive, crush a workout, and leave full of endorphins…together. You’ll be sure to see your babe at their best, and if you want to take it a step further, cook a post workout meal together or grab some healthy eats afterwards at a cute little cafe.

4) You’ll stay closer…emotionally and physically

Its unfortunate but true, we all know that as we age, and life gets busy, it gets a little tougher to maintain our physical appearance and keep in shape. Making the choice to get and stay fit and healthy with and for each other, whatever that looks like to you, can help you stay attracted both emotionally and physically.

Of course this looks different for every couple, but there’s no denying seeing your partner healthy, happy, and constantly working to better them self while you do the same will bring you closer and keep you on the same page.

5) You’ll have someone to push you to new levels

We all have those days when we’re working out but our heart isn’t in it. We’re bored, going through the motions, thinking about what’s for dinner and aimlessly curling 5 lbs just to get it over with.

Enter your SO. Suddenly its a little embarrassing to be slacking off when they’re over there pushing themselves to the max. No WAY will you let them outdo you like that!

The same goes in reverse. You see them looking like a limp noodle in the corner counting down the minutes until this agony is over? Shoot them a smile and challenge them to a little friendly competition of who can pedal harder, lift more, and sweat the most. That means, you BOTH get in better shape.

Working out with your romantic partner can help you get closer, and keep you there. So pick a class or a time, set a date, and get to it! Of course, never be afraid to follow it up with some occasional wine and a nice dinner, after all you’ve worked for it!