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5 Tips for Working Out & Eating Healthy to Boost Your Immunity

5 Tips for Working Out & Eating Healthy to Boost Your Immunity

It’s a scary time in the world right now, there is no denying that. With so much uncertainty surrounding public health, you might be asking yourself if you should still be working out. The answer is a resounding YES!

Even if it’s a home workout in your living room, exercise is one of your BEST defenses against a multitude of ills. Read on to learn 5 ways exercise can increase your immunity….

1) Heavy breathing, like you know, the type that happens when you work out, can flush bacteria from your lungs.

Winded from your workout? Great! According to medicineplus.gov, hard exercise can help flush bacteria from your lungs and your system. Circulating more air though with a hard session keeps airways clear and free.

2) Stock up on Vitamin A for A+ Immunity

Vitamin A is found in a multitude of fruits and vegetables. There’s no better time to consume them than now. Vitamin A keeps tissues in your mouth, nose, stomach and respiratory system healthy. You can find this winner in sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach and eggs. Sounds like a fine time to whip up a salad! Yum!

3) Protein is more than a muscle builder…

We all know protein is widely regarded as the muscle building block food. You lift? Better be getting your protein in champ if you want to see those muscles firm up!! But did you know protein can help safeguard you against infection and boost your immunity too?

The same way it helps to speed recovery after a hard workout, it helps your body to quickly rebuild tissues and keep you strong, fending off infection. Don’t skip out on this essential nutrient if you want to be able to keep your tissues as strong as possible to be able to fight off unwanted invaders!

4) Lower your stress with moderate exercise

Exercise has been proven to lower stress levels (when done in moderation, it can increase them if you over do it!). If you take a brisk walk or light cycle, you will be lowering your stress hormone levels. An unstressed body is a happy body, and you are more likely to be able to fight off whatever comes at you.

Keep those stress levels down with moderate exercise, get outside if you can!

5) Cup of tea anyone? Brew one now.

We all know green tea contains polyphenols and flavonoids. These little immune boosting powerhouses can help give your system a boost. Drink a couple of cups per day, or brew up some Matcha, a delicious powdered green tea.

Tea will also help keep fluids running through you, making sure you are flushed out and hydrated, giving you the best chance of fighting off infection and recovering quickly if you do become infected.

With everything going on in recent times, you can be left wondering what you can do to best protect yourself. Exercise and healthy eating should be at the top of your list! While they cannot cure disease or prevent it entirely, you’ll be giving yourself the very best chance to fend off anything that comes your way by keeping your healthy routine and encouraging your family to do the same. Let’s get active and cook up some veggies and lean protein eh?